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We are participating to the digitization of workspaces with a building energy efficiency approach.

We offer a portfolio of devices to compose according to your needs with the centralized management platform EcoDisplay®Print that will allow you to:


  • Link the content to the location thanks to the integration of a 3D plan of your premises.
  • Send content from your PC, smartphone or tablet.
  • Program the display of items from your existing business tools (Calendars, business intelligence ...).

EcoDisplay® Tab

Signage connected for a reorganization of your spaces and flows in a few clicks!

EcoDisplay® A2

Ideal for service information intended to be seen from far.

EcoDisplay® M

Le successeur du tableau d’affichage. Digital, connecté et écologique.

EcoDisplay® Totem

A functional furniture for a seamless integration into your spaces.

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